On Angels’ Wings, a non-profit organization, provides free, professional photographs and support for children battling a terminal diagnosis or condition that puts them at risk. Services are provided from maternity to 18 years and include children with heart conditions, cancer, genetic disorders, chromosomal defects, extended NICU stays and even loss at birth.

Since it’s inception in June of 2013, On Angels’ Wings (OAW) has provided over 250 families with priceless memories, with each year doubling the previous year. Currently, services are predominantly provided in Springfield and St. Louis, Missouri, but OAW also has photographers in Joplin, Kansas City, Rolla, Columbia and other rural towns in southern Missouri.

Overall, our mission and priority will always be: Celebrating life. Encouraging hope.

You’ll find more details on the types of photography sessions we provide below:

Maternity Sessions

Families that face an in-utero diagnosis of a genetic disorder or medical condition that puts their unborn child at risk may request maternity pictures from On Angels’ Wings. The ideal time to do maternity pictures is between the 32nd and 36th week of pregnancy, but that will obviously vary depending on individual circumstances. In most cases, proof of in-utero diagnosis is required to schedule a maternity session with OAW (often provided because the doctor’s office connects us or the paperwork provided from the doctor’s office following a routine visit).

Emergent Sessions

We offer urgent/immediate photography services in the hospital when the child is at increased risk due to complications, or upon loss. Image requests under these circumstances typically come through hospital staff. Parents or family members should inform their nurse of a desire to use OAW services as soon as possible.

Journey Sessions

OAW recognizes that some children have a long-term journey ahead of them as they fight. That is why we offer families more than one session under these circumstances. Children with heart conditions, genetic disorders and the like qualify for these periodic follow-up sessions. Additionally, children born at 32 weeks gestation who will have an extended stay in the NICU qualify for pictures upon birth, during their NICU stay, and a celebration session when they get to go home.

In-Home / Lifestyle Sessions

OAW understands that many conditions limit a child’s exposure to others and an in-home, lifestyle session is the best option. Our photographers have the technical and photographic experience to make this possible, capturing cherished moments of your family together. It’s simply a matter of scheduling a time that works best for the recipient family and the assigned photographer.

Outdoor Sessions

In cases of excellent weather and a child whose condition allows for being outdoors, our volunteer photographers are happy to offer outdoor sessions. These sessions are best executed in the early morning hours or 1-2 hours before sunset for optimal lighting conditions. The recipient and assigned photographer can collaborate on the preferred location.

Rainbow Sessions

A rainbow baby is a child born after the loss of a child – the rainbow in the midst of the storm. Exclusive to families who received OAW services when their child passed, we offer free maternity and newborn pictures for their first rainbow baby. 

Our services are available to ANY family in our service area that suffers the loss of a child through fetal demise (stillbirth) or is facing the risk of losing a child to a genetic disorder, cancer or terminal disease from pregnancy to the age of 18 years. We provide photographs for these families at no charge (and our photographers all volunteer their time and services). We also provide support by connecting families with others that have endured the same struggles and heartbreak, providing community events like Making Memories Day and our annual recipient picnic, advocating on their behalf for proper medical care, partnering with support groups, and fostering personal relationships. It goes way beyond just providing pictures!

*Services are provided from maternity to 18 years. No request forms or qualifications are required, other than verification of in-utero diagnosis for maternity sessions. When a request comes in, we will verify when the recipient is available for pictures (though we certainly respond immediately to urgent requests for photos) and then pair recipients up with one of our available volunteer photographers for a session that fits their needs. Recipients that may receive multiple sessions will be paired with the same photographer for each session to the best of our ability, in order to maintain consistency, developing a trusting relationship and low-stress experience.

Families receive images within 2-3 weeks from session date via a password-protected gallery that the recipient family can download all of the image from directly. You will receive an email when your images are ready to view and download.

Additionally, recipients will be required to fill our a Release of Services at the time of the session. A fully-executed copy will be attached to the email sent to the recipient family with the link to the image gallery. Photos cannot be sent to recipients until the original release is provided to On Angels’ Wings.

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