On Angels’ Wings understands in a way that few others do — they seem to know what a family needs to begin to heal.

Kali Bowman
Mommy to Ellie
(DiGeorge Syndrome, CHD, heart & double lung transplant)

OAW made an ever lasting mark on my life. I’m very grateful knowing my daughter’s life was documented and her memory will always remain, but oaw is so much more. It is support, an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on. You ask what OAW means to me? I ask what hope, encouragement, and support mean to you. Simply OAW is a light shining through the darkness to help guide you through the fire. My wife and I are very grateful OAW exists.

Matthew Wilhite
Daddy to Kimber

OAW means moments with my daughter are captured that I never thought I’d get. It means support from women that lift me up when I’m down, listen when I need to yell, encourage me when I feel defeated, and celebrate with me when my daughter is defying the odds! I am forever grateful!

Jessica Corbello
Mommy to Ashlyn (Trisomy 18)

OAW gave us precious memories with our daughter that we will forever cherish. These photos capture that fierce love we have for her during her short but meaningful time with us. We will forever be grateful for these images.

Sara Schoonover
Mommy to Claire

These pictures are so special to Matt and I. We appreciate these so much. To be honest we probably wouldn’t have even had maternity pictures taken focusing on the pregnancy with the diagnosis we were given. Thank you so much for all the amazing, giving people of this organization who give of themselves and their time so freely, knowing they will be emotionally impacted! We also thank the families who sacrifice their mother, wife or whatever hat they may be wearing… [so the people of this organization] can help families like us heal. The pictures are beautiful and… will forever be treasured!

Matthew & Cheryl
Parents to Aniston Ella Rose

On Angels’ Wings provides smiles in the midst of worry. Memories in a time of uncertainty. The beautiful pictures they have captured of our CHD warrior over the years mean so much to our family as we continue on our heart journey.

Sara Kaderly
Mommy to Reiss

OAW means support through the most heart-warming times in our lives, offering reassurance that Bailey’s life was acknowledged by somebody outside of our family and creating memories with our newborn rainbow baby and older daughter that include our angel baby. We are so very grateful for this organization and the people who keep it going.

Lauren Jurczak
Mommy to Bailey

OAW provided us with a glimmer of hope during the most difficult time in our lives. Not knowing if our sweet baby would survive, OAW selflessly gifted us with maternity and NICU photographs. We will be forever grateful for OAW and cherish the beautiful pictures of our family and our  tiny but mighty miracle baby.

Lucy Schmidt
Mommy to Valla

They were there for every precious moment, helping us to create memories that would have otherwise been overlooked — providing encouragement and hope. The photos are beautiful, but are only a fraction of the support that we received and continue to receive every day. 

Cassandra Nabena
Mommy to Madalyn

On Angel’s Wings has been an incredible source of hope and comfort. The pictures they took in the hospital are the only family pictures we will have with our son Wilder so we greatly cherish them. But OAW goes above and beyond that to connect families to others walking through grief and uncertainties. The support groups, gifts, cards and events have helped me to keep moving forward and realize that I am not alone.

Kristin Maerke
Mommy to Wilder

OAW gave us some happiness in a time where we were struggling to find any. Our sweet girl had been in the hospital for quite a while and we were so ready for her to be home. They were our first family photos since she had been born and I am so grateful for them ♡

Andrea Gimlin
Mommy to Ailyn 

OAW gives my family hope in a neverending time of devastation and tragedy. They flooded us with love, support, encouragement and compassion when we had given up on everything. They gave us priceless, everlasting memories of our son. They have truly done extreme wonders for my family and have also given me the opportunity to volunteer and help others in their  time of need.

Rachael Saylor
Mommy to Finley

OAW means that I am not alone in my grief. I am a part of a community who loves and feels the same way I do. We struggle together, we grow together, we lift each other up, and we all understand. OAW keeps the memory of our children burning through pictures, gifts, and continued support. 

Ana Jantz
Mommy to Elizabeth

OAW gave us the only photos we have of our girls together. This is not something we were prepared to think about when Reagan passed, so I’m glad this organization just showed up in our moment of need. Without them, we wouldn’t have had the mindset to have those lasting memories.

Kylie Brownfield
Mommy to Reagan & Kennedy

On Angels’ Wings has been a great source of comfort and support for me. I am forever grateful for the amazing photos they captured for us of both our angel baby and our rainbow baby. And for the continued support. It has meant a lot that they continue to reach out and let us know that we are loved, and that our little one is remembered.

Amanda Dillow
Mommy to Aoife Rin and rainbow Sophie

OAW gave us an earthly gift that no one could ever have given us, nor can it be recreated or replaced. OAW has given us the gift of remembrance, to see her in perfect clarity time and time again, no matter how much time passes. They have given us a compassion that few offered and a love that will never be forgotten. Because of OAW, we are able to share and celebrate our baby girls life. Because of OAW, the worst time of our young lives as parents, was made into a beautiful thing as well. We will forever be grateful for them.

Danielle Koester
Mommy to 

On angels wings has been a huge life line for my family & I. Most people tend to forget that we had a son because his time on earth was so short but OAW never forgets with the small gifts, pictures, poems and card. I definitely couldn’t have gotten through without the monthly support groups with the other grieving recipients. Matt 18:20.

Kayla Ferguson
Mommy to Ethan

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