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We’d love to show you what we do…. how we celebrate life for OAW families.

Michelle L. Cramer
Founder, President & Executive Director
Previously naïve to the number of families who suffer infant loss (#1in4), when Michelle’s first child was born perfectly healthy in 2008 and she became aware of how many families didn’t get to experience that, she immediately took action. She’s been doing bereavement photography ever since. But it wasn’t until she met a 7 month old little boy with SMA that she decided to go it on her own and start an organization that provides images and support for all families with medically fragile children, including but beyond infant loss. And, as long as she continues to let God lead the journey, she is certain this ministry will do amazing things for families in need of memories captured with their precious little ones.

As a part of her ongoing mission to serve these families through the entirety of their journeys, Michelle became an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in June 2020. Michelle’s first book, Unshattered Grief: Helping others through loss without breaking them… again, published in June 2022. You can also learn more about Michelle’s vision and heart for the organization in the Founder’s Heart section of the OAW blog

In addition to pursuing her passion with OAW and working full time on behalf of the organization beginning June 2022, Michelle has been a Springfield, MO photographer since 2007. She works from home so she can hang out with her two homeschooled boys, her husband of nearly 20 years, their 10 animals and more than 75 indoor plants.

Michelle Slavens
Vice President & Support Coordinator
Michelle lost her first child, five month old Kaycee, in September of 1995. In October 2013, she was the first board member to join our Founder, taking a leap of faith and making huge strides toward her own healing by helping others. As Support Coordinator, Michelle’s job is to love, support and encourage our families as they struggle through the journey of a sick child or child loss. In 2020, Michelle also became an Advance Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in order to better serve OAW recipient families through their grief journey.

Michelle also serves on the board for her church’s addition ministry, Zuzu’s House, a resource center for vulnerable teens. She was married to her high school sweetheart for over 30 years until his passing in January 2022 — Tim was a huge advocate for OAW. They have two grown children: Tyler is a certified pharmacy tech pursuing a degree as a pharmacist; Hannah, who got married in March 2021, is currently in nursing school.

Connie Bumb
Service Coordinator
Connie knows first hand the importance of the services On Angels’ Wings provides. She lost two sons born as micro-preemies. When her sixth son was born at nearly 27 weeks gestation, OAW was there to capture the delivery. As a recipient, she’s experienced the ongoing support, is a graduate of the Grief Recovery Method program conducted through OAW, and has a growing passion for the families the organization serves. She joined the board of directors in June 2022.

Connie and her husband John are raising four boys earthside. The family enjoies outdoor adventures like biking and rock climbing, and sports (they’re die-hard Blues fans). As certified fitness trainers, in 2022 the couple opened Intrinsic Fitness, 417 land’s only gym exclusively offering private, personal training for individuals, couples or small groups of friends/family.


Maggie Dyke
Medical Coordinator
After working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and seeing how many families were impacted by stillbirth and neonatal death, Maggie never expected that hers would be one of them. In June of 2015, Maggie experienced the loss of her daughter, Elliott, at 21 weeks due to a genetic condition. On Angels’ Wings was there to provide photos and support during what was the most
difficult time for her family.

Because of the impact the organization has had on her personally, Maggie continues to advocate for the services and support OAW provides through her work at her second home, the Neonatal ICU. She is excited to join the board of directors and continue to expand at On Angels’ Wings outreach within the committee.

Maggie, her husband Jimmy, and their three children enjoy spending time outdoors together, playing board games, and all things Disney.

Erin Hanson
Erin discovered On Angels’ Wings while searching for a wedding photographer in 2021. Though she has no children of her own at this time, Erin is a Speech Language Pathologist and has worked closely with many families of medically fragile children. Those families bring such joy to her each day that she is thrilled to have a chance to give back.

    Erin lives in Springfield, MO with her husband Stephen and their menagerie of pets. They have both enjoyed volunteering at various OAW events over the past year and look forward to helping the organization grow.

    We’d love to show you what we do…. how we celebrate life for OAW families.

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